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Tank, DAF Army Truck and Dennis Fire Engine Driving Experience

Quick Details

Driver Minimum age is 18

Drive three of our most powerful vehicles

For a truly immersive experience, try our three-vehicle combination, which includes the Alvis CVR(T) Spartan Tank, the Leyland DAF 45/150 and the Dennis Sabre XL Fire Engine.

Alvis CVR(T) Spartan Tank

This is what we affectionately call the ‘sports tank’, the reason behind this being the engine and performance of this 8-ton beast… The engine is straight out of the Jaguar E-Type, a 4.2-litre, 6-cylinder petrol engine giving out over 200 horsepower. It propels this aluminium-fabricated APC to well over 50 mph!

With a semi-automatic gearbox with 7 forward and reverse gears (yes, that means it’ll do 50+ mph backwards too!), it’s got fingertip steering controls and even a separate braking system due to its phenomenal performance. With room in the back for only half the passengers of its big brother, the FV432, the Spartan is designed for speed and agility and not brute force.

Leyland DAF 45/150

Go off-roading in military-style. Take the controls of the Leyland DAF 45/150. Your absolute beast of a truck weighs in at just over 6 tonnes, so you’ll know all about the power coming up from that huge diesel engine. Fully kitted out in your safety gear, your instructor shows you the ropes before you put those special tyres through their paces across the tricky terrain. Simple to drive, you can master the clutch and amazing power steering in no time.

The most versatile vehicle in the fleet, these trucks are exceptionally capable over all terrains. We even let you loose in them on our off-road course, so that’s a sign of how confident we are in their ability! The DAF ‘4 Tonner’ (so called due to its load capacity) is available in many different guises, including tankers, cranes and troop carriers. Ours is set up as a troop carrier with specially designed seating systems designed by the army to seat 14 troops/passengers safely. Come and have a go if you think you’re ready!

Dennis Sable XL Fire Engine

The Dennis Sabre was the leading fire engine up until the early 2000s. Built entirely from scratch as a fire engine, it is still regarded as the Rolls Royce of fire appliances and still beats many modern appliances in performance and handling.

Powered by a mighty Cummins 8.2-litre engine, turbocharged with around 250 bhp, this beast can beat the speed limits on the motorway easily as well as out-accelerate some modern saloon cars! At around 12 tonnes fully laden with 1500 litres of water, these statistics are no mean feat.

This driving experience involves racing to an emergency call and making a set of challenging maneouvres, especially our ‘brick wall test’.

What to Bring

  • Driving Licence
  • Voucher