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Scorpion Firing Experience

Quick Details

Driver Minimum age is 18
Two Drivers Minimum age is 18

THE best experience bar none!

Dads and lads, Mums and Daughters, Couples, Enemies… As long as there’s two of you, come for a go at firing a tank as well as driving it! (Passenger/Gunner minimum age is 12, Driver is 18 with full UK Licence)

One of you will drive and the other is in the gunner’s position, The driver will have to navigate the course and try to help the gunner to line-up the target. It’s then the gunner’s turn to step up and load the 76mm gun in our Scorpion and then turn the turret and use the sights to aim at the target before finally pulling the trigger to fire! 3 Goes at the target are yours to see how close you can get. The driver will then have to try and get you out of the vicinity before the enemy realise they’ve been engaged!

If you’d both like to have a go at driving and then firing, this is possible too however everyone driving must be over 18 with a current UK driving licence. You’ll both get to aim and fire the gun 3 times at the target and both get to drive this amazing machine for approximately 30 mins inc firing.