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3 Generations

Quick Details

Driver Minimum age is 18

This is the ultimate in truck driving experiences! Come and check out our range of trucks from the 70’s until the present day. Start off in the Bedford MJ seen in service from the 70’s until the very late 80’s, 4 gears, no power steering, very few creature comforts! Then take yourself into the 90’s with one of our 1990’s Leyland Daf T244s. A considerable update from the Bedford with full time 4 wheel drive, 5 gears and a really good heater! Oh, and the most important thing… Power Steering! The third and final, current, generation of trucks is now in our possession! The MAN HX60 SV… 12 automatic gears, electrically selected lockable front, rear and centre diffs, 3 air suspended seats and, wait for it… Air conditioning! This beast can carry 6 tonnes of kit as opposed to the other generation’s 4, it has all the mod cons and is the current weapon of choice for her majesty’s armed forces across the globe.

Have a drive for 20 minutes in each and work your way through the generations, make the comparisons and note how much easier and more comfortable things are, the newer they are, the better they get!