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Daf Army Truck Driving and Tank Passenger Ride

Quick Details

Driver Minimum age is 18

Go off-roading in the Leyland DAF

The Leyland Daf T244 is a formidable truck – weighing in at 6 ton empty and capable of carrying a payload of 4 ton on top in ALL terrains, these beasts are powered by the mighty Cummins 6BT (The same base engine as those in our more modern Spartan Tanks!!!) these boast 150 BHP and full-time 4 wheel drive. Come and have a go in one of ours for 20-25 minutes to see what the truck is capable of and, indeed the driver too!

Once you’ve had your drive, you’ll be transferred into the back of one of our Alvis Spartan tanks! You’ll spend 15-20 minutes as a passenger seeing what these amazing fast reconnaissance vehicles are capable of!