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Junior Military Driving Experience (12+)

Quick Details

Driver Minimum age is 12

Here we are kids (or adults if you fancy it!)… Finally you can drive a proper, heavy, NATO green military vehicle from 12 years old and upwards! The Volvo BV202 is fully tracked and designed for ANY terrain! It will literally go anywhere!

Originally designed in Sweden for the Swedish army, these ultra low ground pressure vehicles are so light afoot that you could run over your foot and not break it! Let’s not put that to the test though!

Drivers will be sat in the driving seat for 20-25 minutes and will undertake many a different task and obstacle with full control of the 4.5 tonne beast! Concentration, precision and nerve will all be required when you’re in control, our instructors will make sure you have an amazing time with us! Better than that, you can take up to 8 passengers with you in the back half of the vehicle for an extra charge so the whole family can enjoy the ride!