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Typhoon Two-Seater Passenger

Quick Details

Passenger Minimum age is 12

The closest thing you can get to a Formula 1 car

In 2015, we decided to build a two-seater car so that we could both teach and give thrill rides in machinery exactly as the race cars. We extended the chassis 660 mm, strengthened it and upped the horsepower to around 220BHP, fitted larger 4-piston brakes all round with larger, vented discs and finally larger wheels to deal with bigger tires for more grip, acceleration and stopping power.

TheTyphoon has 220BHP from its 1.6-litre turbocharged Ford EcoBoost engine and still has an F3 spec sequential, 6-speed gearbox. It also has our in-house air-shift system so the gears are changed merely by pressing a button on the steering wheel, very F1! Its 0 – 60 time is a little over 3 seconds due to the extra weight, but it still pulls over 2G around corners, making it the closest thing you can get to a Formula 1 car without driving it yourself.

What to Bring

  • Voucher